All Aboard Series


Game NamePiggy Pennies
Dynamite Dash
Family / SeriesAll Aboard
Game Info50 Lines
50 Credits
FeaturesFree Games
Hold and Respin Bonus
4 Linked Progressive Levels

Slot Game Review

All Aboard is a series from Konami that builds on the successful hold & respin style of game popularized by Aristocrat’s Lightning Link series. I heard this game enjoyed some success in Australia, and now Konami is hoping to replicate that success here in North America. And you can tell Konami is investing a lot into this series. The banked cabinets look fantastic.

In the All Aboard series there are two themes: Piggy Pennies and Dynamite Dash. Aside from the art package and the free games features, the games play very similar, and the main chase is the same: get the All Aboard feature!

Base Game

As with many Hold and Respin games the base game and free games feature are very simple with few (if any) gimmicks. These are straightforward line games.

The free games features are fine. In Dynamite Dash you get more wild symbols added to the reels. The Piggy Pennies free games are more interesting: the middle 3 reels are replaced with a single enlarged reel with jumbo symbols. More interesting, but also nothing a slot veteran hasn’t seen many times before.

Hold & Respin

The core chase of the game! Similar to Lightning Link, 6 or more trigger symbols gets you into the feature. You get 3 spins that reset every time a new token is collected, and 15 gets you the Grand Jackpot. A simple and very successful formula, but one that’s been copied many times.

The unique twist here is that each new token the player collects will re add all prizes to their total win. This makes for a much more volatile experience than a typical hold and respin game.


I enjoy Konami’s more volatile take on the Hold & Respin formula. If you’re a fan of Lightning Link I would highly recommend giving this a try. But if you’re fatigued with the genre then there’s not much new here to see.

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