Cashman Bingo


Game NameBabylon Jackpots
Hong Kong Jackpots
Family / SeriesCashman Bingo
Game Info75 Credits
50 Lines
FeaturesUnique Bingo Feature
Free Games
Persistent State

Slot Game Review

It’s rare that strange, mish-mash of ideas like this results in a compelling game. However, Aristocrat has pulled off a game that is incredibly well made, intuitive, and addictive.

Base Game

This is a 50 line game, but it might as well have none. You’re not playing this game for the line wins. You’re playing it for the bingo prizes above the main reels. Every time a token appears on the main game, it fills up a corresponding position on the bingo grid with a credit prize or jackpot. Just like normal bingo, your goal is to fill up a row, column, or one of the diagonals. If you do, you win everything on those winning positions.

What’s great about this game is, even though this is a completely unique concept, if you know bingo you’ll get it right away. And just as importantly, it’s pretty fun!

There’s an anticipation in wanting to fill up some positions over others. If you fill up any row, the whole board resets. Some rows or columns are more valuable than others, so of course you don’t want to “win” on a lackluster row or column.

Wheels & Free Games Features

Not much to say with either the free games or wheel. They add a little variety to the gameplay, but don’t add any extra excitement to an already compelling game.

The wheel is won if you get bingo using the center position, and it’s exactly what you’d think. Spin the wheel, win a prize.

The free games are an extension of the base game with a multiplier wild in the center spot. It’s just a chance to earn a few credits and fill up some spots on your bingo grid.


This game is fantastic and I hear it’s been performing very well for casinos. I can see why. It’s a low volatility experience, but it’s simple to understand and drags you in from the first spin.

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