Dragon Spell


Game NameDragon Spell
Family / SeriesN/A
Game Info40 Lines
60 Credits
FeaturesPersistent State
Choose Your Free Games
4 Jackpot Levels

Slot Game Review

Dragon Spell is a persistent state game from IGT.

Base Game

The base game has you collecting dragon symbols on screen to get locked frames in those specific positions. Once a special symbol appears a timer will start counting down for the next 8 spins. Once it counts down, all symbols with a credit symbol or progressive that land within the frame are awarded and all frames on screen are cleared.

Just like in IGT’s other persistent game, Scarab, the line wins in this game can keep you afloat, but the big payoff comes when the timer counts down to zero. You’ll still see credit prizes spin by on normal spins, but they’ll only act as blockers until your countdown timer reaches zero. Because these blocking symbols are always present, this makes the game a little more frustrating than Scarab. If you’re looking for advantage play you can look for a session players left behind that has a lot of frames on screen. Make sure to look at the different bet options before you start playing.

Free Games

The game also has a choose-your-volatility style free games feature. You’re given an option between 10, 8, and 6 free games with 6 8 and 10 frames floating around the screen, respectively. The free games play similar to the base game except now the frames are active for each spin of the feature and move around randomly between spins. Overall it’s a nice boost from the base game, but I wish the range of volatility selections was wider (I always choose the most volatile option–that is, the one with the least amount of spins). Why not offer the player 12, 8 and 4 spins? As the free games are set up now, the options aren’t different enough to incentivize the player to want to try different options.


Overall this is a nice medium to low volatility experience, but one I probably won’t be going back to. I’d recommend spending a session on this game, but after that you’ll probably experience everything it has to offer.

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