Power Shot


Game NameProsperity
Family / SeriesPower Shot
Game Info75 Credits
Features5 Progressive Levels
Power Shot Feature

Slot Game Review

Power Shot is a series of two slot games (Prosperity and Freedom). The games have no discernable difference aside from art. Furthermore, there is only one bonus feature: The Power Shot FREESPINS (as the help screens call it). And the feature is both fun, simple, and fantastic in its presentation. However, the way the math is handled can feel dirty and frustrating.

First Impression

When you first step up to the game, the first thing you may notice is the confusing button panel.

Does betting up feel like such a good deal?

Frankly, I don’t understand I don’t think it was made to be intuitive since it doesn’t really convey much information to the player. But it does encourage the player to be up. I mean, look at that 165 credit bet. It sure looks like quite a deal compared to the 225! Intentional or not, this is a nice and sneaky way of getting the player to bet up.

Base Game

This is a standard line game. The only chase from line wins comes from landing stacks of wilds.

The primary chase is triggering the Power Shot feature, which from my experience occurs at a good frequency (I’d guess better than 1 in 80 spins). Here’s how you get into the feature:

  1. Special scatter symbols can land on screen.
  2. These special scatter symbols can either turn into A). a Power Shot trigger symbol or B). a credit prize.
  3. Three or more Power Shot triggers get you into the feature.
  4. Credit prizes are awarded straight away.

Here’s where the math plays dirty and really hurt my enjoyment of the game. When you get 2 or less special scatters, you’ll almost always see the Power Shot trigger symbols. If you get 3 or more, you’ll almost always get 2 trigger symbols and the rest are credit prizes. I wish the game designer was a little more subtle in the implementation, because it really cheapens the experience of the game to see it play out this way. Of course, with RNG you never really know if you’re just imagining things…

Common scenario with two or less special scatters.
Common scenario with 3 or more special scatters.

Power Shot Free Spins

Now we get into the meat of the game. The Power Shot Free Spins!

This plays a lot like a typical Hold & Respin game, but with some unique twists.

  • Every token that spins up resets the spin counter to 3.
  • Not all tokens award a credit prize.
  • Filling up certain areas award a progressive.

It’s a bit disappointing that not all tokens award a prize, but from a design perspective I think this was a good compromise to make the feature last longer, and make it more exciting.

The art team did a great job with the art and sound design. You can really feel the excitement and anticipations as you get closer to filling up those areas. Kudos!


Overall this is a fun game and I can see why it has enjoyed success on the casino floor. I think improvements can be made on the math side, but the presentation can fun factor make up for its flaws.

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