Regal Riches


Game NameRegal Riches
Family / SeriesNA
Game Info75 Credits
30 Lines
FeaturesProgressive Wilds
Random Wilds

Slot Game Review

This game is all about the Wilds! Regal Riches is a simple game with a rock solid presentation.

Base Game

I had a pretty bad experience with this game, so keep that in mind as you go through this review.

I wasn’t able to experience much volatility, and didn’t get an impression of much upside. Keep in mind that there are only 30 lines, so even if you get a full screen of WILDs there isn’t much upside. I think the game designer realized this and decided there needed be some interesting mechanic to keep the player engaged while you wait for the free games. That mechanic is the random wilds.

It’s an interesting feature from a design perspective. Collect special symbols on the reels. Each special symbol you collect increases the number of wilds that appear on screen if and when the random wilds feature is triggered. From a fun perspective, I didn’t find this feature too engaging, given the difficulty of getting a win greater than 10x.

Presentation wise I think this game is awesome. Whenever those random wilds slam down on screen you can feel it. Great job there!

Free Games Features

This is a progressive style free games feature. Think IGT’s Harley Davidson or Three Kings, but instead of building up the number of spins, you’re building up the number of random wilds you’ll obtain once you get into the feature. If you trigger a free games feature with 50 wilds, those 50 wilds will be randomly distributed throughout your free games.

I quickly noticed they hold back on the wilds until the final spin, which weirdly enough is something you want as a player. This is a good choice by the designer. I was actually rooting to see LESS wilds used up, up until the final spin. The more wilds used on a single spin leads to an exponentially larger payoff (thinks in no small part to the wild multipliers).


Regal Riches kept me hooked for a session, but I can’t imagine going back to it. The presentation is solid, but the small wins I achieved made me believe there isn’t much upside to the game.

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