Treasure Lounge


Game NameTreasure Lounge
Family / SeriesN/A
Game Info50 credits
5 Reels
FeaturesTiki Drop
Tiki Rise
5 Wheels
4 progressive levels

Slot Game Review

Konami has lined up a portfolio of more experimental games over the last few years, and no game exemplifies this shift more than Treasure Lounge.

Base Game

Take a look at the above screenshot and let me know if you can figure out what’s happening just by looking at it. I couldn’t. However, after just a few plays of this game you’ll immediately figure out what’s happening.

Each bet the tikis on each reel will rise to a random level. If they rise by 2 or more levels you’ll be awarded whichever credit prizes they overlap with. Very simple!

In addition to watching them rise, every 20 to 30 spins a mystery feature may activate:

  1. The Tiki Drop feature, you may see each tiki gain 1 or 2 levels.
  2. With Tiki Rise you’ll see each tiki rise to the same level as the highest tiki.
  3. Finally, the Multiplier Feature will multiply all prizes on screen by 2, 3, or 5. This also gives you more spins of the wheel if you trigger it (though I can’t see that happening very often).

One interesting thing is that the credit prizes don’t linearly scale with your bet. That is, you’ll see the same prize ranges for each bet level. However, you will see more of the larger prizes, and you’ll unlock more of the wheels to possibly trigger.


The wheels are triggered when a tiki rises to its highest level and overlaps with an unlocked wheel. At minimum bet you have two wheel unlocked, and at max bet you have a chance of triggering five different wheels.

It’s pretty clear how the game gets better as you bet up: More chances at wheels, and a chance at the larger progressives.


This is a fun, unique, and very simple low volatility experience. I’d give it a try, just because you’ll probably never play another game like it. However, because credit prizes have a clear cap, it’s hard to see this game paying more than 20x your bet outside of the wheel. With such a low ceiling I can’t see myself coming back to this game.

Screenshots and Paytable


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